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Concession Stand Requirements and Special Instructions

Teams are responsible for providing a minimum of 3 workers for the duration of their assigned shift.  Of these 3 workers, at least one must be an adult and there can be kids age 12 and up that may help.  Younger kids are discouraged from being in the Concession Stand during your assigned shift.  

Those with long hair MUST have their hair pulled completely back and/or use a hair net.  Gloves MUST used when handling all food that is not pre-packaged.  Gloves are in the Concession Stand for your use.  Hands must be washed regularly.  

The Concession Stand uses a tablet-based Point of Sale system that tracks all transactions and it must be used for EVERY transaction.  This helps us track sales and also helps reduce errors in calculating totals and making change.  

If there are any issues that arise, please contact the Director of Concessions, Darby Jaskiewicz at 614-496-4317.

The Director of Concessions will open and close the concession stand, but you must be there at your assigned start time.